Ellyn Murphy

When Ellyn Murphy was out hiking in 1989, a cliff she was walking along the top of collapsed beneath her. This accident resulted in a severe head injury causing a weakness on her right side, which made it very difficult to enjoy the active, outdoors lifestyle she had grown accustomed to. One such activity was downhill skiing. After unsuccessfully trying other popular forms of adaptive ski equipment, Ellyn began searching for a better alternative. She became iSkibike’s first customer. The iSkibike has given back her independence on the slopes. She is now able to go up and down a ski mountain by herself. Our skibike is unique in that it is engineered for adaptive skiing. It’s special feature of the elevated seat, balanced frame, and maneuverability makes it a fun and enjoyable piece of equipment when enjoying downhill skiing.

Kim Bankert

Kim Bankert has been involved with the Eagle Mount adaptive skiing program for 28 years. Working specifically with the sitting skills program, he has seen a lot of different ski bikes over the years and has experienced first-hand how the iSkibike is different. Unique features include: chairlift self-loading ride-on capability, the participant only needing limited use of legs to control the skibike, and air pressure adjustable shock absorbers for a customizable smooth ride with easy control. As a veteran & expert in the field of sitting skills adaptive skiing Kim highly recommends the iSkibike for any adaptive ski program! Click below to see Kim's video testimonial on the iSkibike YouTube Channel.

Fran Coopersmith

Fran Coopersmith's husband [Mike] was unable to ski after a stroke, so they tested the iSkibike through the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center. She comments: Speaking of powder, our last two days on the ski bike were in big powder--snow occasionally came up to the seat--and the iSkibike handled phenomenally!!! I could not keep up with Mike. He has mastered the iSkibike well enough to do Black runs with me, and he had a blast. He made it look effortless as he consistently beat me down the mountain in the powder. And I was way more tired at the end of the day!!!! We are so excited to get an iSkibike as Mike cannot use other ski bikes, because he cannot carry a ski bike on and off the lifts by himself. Not to mention that other ski bikes Mike tried would only skid turns, but the iSkibike actually carves turns just like downhill skis.